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Over 25,000 new consumer skus are introduced annually in North America, 10X the rate 25 years ago.
Only about half of new product launches are considered successful at launch.

Today there is extraordinary financial risk and uncertainty in the upfront buying---and selling---process. 

Until now, the consumer goods & services industry has been offered just a few very expensive, customized research tools that take months to deliver answers to relatively simple questions:

Will it sell?
How much will it sell?
What do consumers like most & like least about it?
Is it unique?
Is it worth the price?
How does it compare?


Download your own product specifications and details at and 500 US consumers evaluate your item in an interactive virtual shopping experience with the same stimuli they’d see at retail:

Item description & value proposition
multiple package views
Nutritional panel/directions for use & ingredients
MSRP & discounted price points

Consumers are asked questions that determine their purchase intent, assessment of uniqueness, value, likes/dislikes and channel preferences

Skuuber analyzes and reports consumer results to project volume, price elasticity, purchase intent, demographic strengths and overall initial retail sales in your Skuuber Score.

Understand the market for your product. Create credibility. Learn to succeed and avoid mistakes.