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Consumer Packaged Goods

Soup To Nuts and Everything In Between...

There are hundreds of thousands of consumer packaged goods (CPG) and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sold in North America. Over 25000 items are introduced every year.

A Consumer Packaged Good or FMCG is a product intended for relatively quick direct consumer consumption, usually within days, weeks or months. This is in contrast to consumer durables which are used and replaced over a period of years.

CPG and FMCG items available for testing include virtually any item sold in a modern American supermarket or grocery store with a manufacturer's UPC code.

See all the CPG/FMCG product categories and types available for testing or reference those on the right side navigation panel of this page.

The category and product type for your item, if for consumers, will most likely be included.

SKU-level Testing Keeps It Real

All CPG/FMCG items are offered at the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) level.  Each has a unique Universal Product Code (UPC) and each must be individually listed by the wholesale and retail trade.

Skuuber is designed to test demand for CPG/FMCG items at the individual SKU level only.  This is since this is how products are manufactured, sold and consumed.

You can test new product concepts so long as you take the "big idea" and frame it as an individual item as it might appear at retail.

You can test your existing items to validate current assumptions or unearth new ideas.

You can test your competitors' items to conduct a SWOT analysis vs. your item.