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BISGO™ Energy Biscuit Mix Concept Test

I. The Idea

The concept of an Energy Biscuit was created in an agency brainstorming session during which both biscuits and energy drinks were served as refreshments. One of the attendees opined that he wished he could have both together. The idea soon expanded into BISGO™ Energy Biscuit Mix.  Since they had a client in the baking mix business, they couldn't wait to get the idea in front of them.  

II. Risk & Reward

The company's CEO was intrigued by the idea, but far from sure about it.  What if it was a breakthrough idea and consumers really wanted it?

It could turn his little company into an industry pioneer and make it a fortune. 

It could also embarrass the company and cost it a fortune. 

Either way, he needed to know. 

III. Fast & Easy Insight

He discovered from his wise assistant that he could get all of answers he needed with Skuuber, so skuuber he would.

You can see exactly how a study of your product done with 500 or 1500 consumers (depending upon panel option selected) will look before you field it. You simply create a Skuuber Account and then provide your item detail input for as many items as you'd like to test.  

They can be conceptual ideas, existing items, product improvements or competitor's items. 

You can edit, improve and tweak as many times as you want.  Your work-in-progress is saved in your Greenhouse until you are ready to field it.

IV. Up & Running In Minutes

The CEO had his assistant create a Skuuber Account, work out the product details, product mock-up and photos. 

In less than 15 minutes, the assistant was able to complete a Product Profile and then see the same test screens that  consumers will see:


The assistant saved the Product Profile in her account's Greenhouse so the CEO could have a look.  He thought that they could charge more than $3.99, but the assistant reminded him that price elasticity testing was a part of the service and they would soon know if that was true.

She also reminded him that there was a lot more to a Skuuber Study than these questions alone. 

V. In Depth Understanding

Answers to these questions from  consumers would be analyzed and modeled with algorithms to provide a Skuuber Score™, uniqueness ratings, price/value ratings, purchase driver ratings, needs-improvement ratings, price elasticity of demand findings, demographic/geographic hot spots (N=1500 option) and channel management options.

VI. Report & Diagnostics

Everything they wanted to know would be included in their Skuuber Report and they'd have the results in a few days. 

The CEO approved the study and with a few clicks of the mouse it was fielded from the Greenhouse.

In a few days, they got their results back.  Here's what they learned:

BISGO™ Skuuber Report

Would you launch Bisgo? Where? To whom? At what price?