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Optimization Group was formed with the belief that marketing success is inherently related to one’s ability to measure it.

  • Measurement provides actionable feedback.
  • Feedback provides the basis for innovation.
  • And innovation fuels marketing success.

Optimization Group consists of people from two worlds: technology and marketing.

Our systems analysts, programmers, database engineers and process engineers are skilled in automating and systematizing complex data sets. The organized output allows our market researchers, brand managers and account managers to produce analysis grounded in real world experience.

We are proud of our ability to deliver actionable recommendations rather than weighty, overstuffed reports. Optimization Group staff seek to identify what works and what doesn’t within the scope of marketing and marketing communications programming.

The Optimization Group is an independently-owned marketing services firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our group also includes a number of senior team members virtually connected to us across the United States. We were incorporated in January, 2001.

The intellectual spirit of Optimization Group is embodied in our proprietary Loopz® Marketing system. Through Loopz®, we've proven why identifying the most motivating marketing ideas and messaging is the most important determinant of success in the marketplace.

We work with Fortune 1000 companies, and often in concert with their advertising, event marketing and promotion agencies. In categories ranging from consumer packaged goods to consumer durables. From consumer technology to consumer services. And in a wide range of business-to-business categories, from SOHO to SMB and enterprise sized companies.

We invite you to learn more about the Optimization Group and Loopz® Marketing. Please see for yourself how we are Intersecting marketing, science and technology™.



(an e-Rewards Company)

At Research Now, our passion for performance has driven us from the start. Recognizing the immense potential of merging the power of the Internet with proven market research practices, Research Now is the first "by-invitation-only" e-mail-based rewards program to serve the market research industry.

We remain committed to providing the most responsive and highest quality electronic communications channel available — enabling researchers to instantly reach and engage targeted consumers and business decision-makers. It's why we've delivered more than 6 million completed surveys and supported thousands of successful studies ranging from small, targeted audiences to large, generalized populations. Bottom line, our passion is for our clients' success — one study, one survey, and one response at a time.

With millions of members, the Research Now North American and European Consumer Panels offer unsurpassed breadth and depth. Custom segments can be found to match the audience profile you need to survey.

Research Now North American Consumer Panels

Since our launch in 2000, we have actively recruited millions of North American panel members using a “by-invitation-only” recruitment methodology. By partnering with a wide variety of common leading brands Research Now boasts one of the largest and most comprehensive online consumer panels in North America.

In order to remain as balanced as possible, our panel members have been recruited from a diverse set of consumer and business-to-business sources using a "by-invitation-only" approach. This means that we have been able to control and manage the demographic make-up of our panels "up front" and invite only the types of individuals that fit the current normalization needs of the Research Now Consumer Panel and the Research Now Business Panel. All panel establishment methodologies employed by us are fully compliant with CASRO guidelines.

By employing our "by-invitation-only" approach, we: 1) achieve higher levels of panel normalization, and 2) effectively avoid the "professional survey takers" that are plaguing other online research panels.

1) More Normalized
Other panel companies cannot achieve the same level of normalization that we can since their "open" recruitment methods do not allow them to determine the demographic make-up of their panel until after members have joined.

2) Less "Self-Selection" Bias
We believe panels that use "open" recruitment techniques such as multi-panel co-registration sites are allowing large-scale self-selection biases into their panels, attracting "professional survey takers" and causing a widespread amount of membership duplication across many other online panels. To reduce the potential for self-selection bias, e-Rewards panelists may join only if they are first invited.

After an individual responds to an invitation and joins an Research Now panel, he or she completes a 300+ item member profile, which collects information about demographics, interests, life events, health ailments, various product purchase intent data, and more. We also collect extensive business-related information from business professionals, including their occupation, title, functional role, industry, company size and purchase decision-making role for over 20 product/service categories.

Upon enrollment, panelists earn reward currency for participating in online research surveys, then redeem currency for valuable rewards from leading companies like Delta Air Lines®, Hilton®, BLOCKBUSTER®, eBags®, FTD.COM®, Omaha Steaks®, and Sony among others.