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Product Profile Screen


See what they'll see

This is an example of the first screen that your consumer panelists will see to acquaint themselves with the details of your item. 

You create this yourself for your item in less than 15 minutes when you start a Skuuber Study, or we'll create it for you at a modest extra fee.

You'll note that it contains all of the details you will provide as input when setting up your item for testing.

  • Product brand name & description
  • Value proposition/benefit statement
  • Features from drop-down list
  • Package size
  • Serving (or application/unit) size
  • Servings (or applications/units) per package
  • MSRP retail proce per package
  • Product photos (principal display panel shown on overview)
  • Ingredients statement
  • Nutrition/Supplement Facts (or Directions For Use for non-food items)

During the online testing process, panelists will have the opportunity to review this information as often as necessary to answer the nine questions asked of each SKU.