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Refunds & Make-Goods

Refunds & Make-Goods 

We strive for complete customer satisfaction and want Skuuber to be an experience that you'll want to have often and recommend to others. 

Throughout this site you can see samples of Skuuber Reports; your own Test Screens and Product Profiles; and a demo of the Skuuber process.  There should be no surprises and essentially what you see is what you get.

Your Skuuber Study is customized work, created by your input and product data.  Skuuber cannot take responsibility for errors or ommissions made by you as you create and launch a study and will issue no refunds or make-goods due to client-originated errors or ommissions.

Skuuber will offer make-goods and re-run studies if we fail to execute your study according to specification, but does not provide refunds.  Please be certain to read and understand our terms and conditions