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Promotional Packaging


Buy. Now.

Package promotions are often your best and most efficient way to build trial, generate more rapid repeat, enhance brand value and leverage improved trade activation and support.

Promotional packaging is a proven and effective way to add "new news" to an established product.

All brand offers must answer these questions to generate a sale:

1. Why this kind of product?

2. Why this brand?

3. Why now?

Most brands do a good job of addressing the first two.  But addressing the "why now?" question is what gets the sale today.

Skuuber can help you evaluate the impact of package promotions and executions of promotional packaging. 

Use Skuuber to test promotion alternatives against each other and compare to your everyday, non-promotional packaging Skuuber results. 

A successful promotion will yield an improvement in your Skuuber Scores™ significant enough to profitably build sales and market share.