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Online Consumer Product Testing

Product Management in the Internet Age.

Skuuber is the world's first fully automated consumer research engine. 

What does that mean?

It means that you'll create a complete and detailed profile of the sku you want to test entirely online, see a demo of it online, and review and approve your test submission online.

500-1500 opted-in, online consumers from the general US population are exposed to your submitted item in an interactive virtual shopping experience with the same stimuli they’d see at retail, in catalogs or online:

Item description & value proposition
multiple package views
Nutritional panel & ingredients
MSRP & discounted price points

Consumers are asked questions that determine their purchase intent, assessment of uniqueness, value, likes/dislikes and channel preferences and they provide their answers online.

Skuuber analyzes the consumer results to project volume, price elasticity, purchase intent and monitized volume projections . You'll discover your demographic hotspots to find your best prospective consumers to guide your communication and media efforts. Best of all, you'll get a Skuuber Score that rates the strength of your product's trial potential .

Everything is included in your 21 page Skuuber Report sent to you for viewing and downloading in your secure online account space.

The process is completely user friendly yet thorough and professional.  It is to consumer research what eBay is to newspaper classified advertising.