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Channel Strategies

channel strategies,go-to-market,channel management,account planning,sales,distribution,distributorschannel strategies,go-to-market,channel management,account planning,sales,distribution,distributors

When you go-to-market, where do you go?

Consumers have more options than ever when it comes to retail outlet and channel choices. 

While traditional box stores thrive, they are both expanding their offerings and carving out specialty niches.  Online resellers are exploding in every direction and being joined by manufacturer-direct retailing sites.  Catalog sales are still a significant factor in many categories and direct TV informercials are prolific.

So, where to go?

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When you conduct a Skuuber Study, you'll be asking consumers where they would expect to find your product.  You may be amazed at the choices they make and the implications it has for your go-to-market channel strategies and plans.

A recent study showed that despite a concerted client focus upon the natural/organic channel, the real opportunity was in c-stores and conventional supermarkets.

Your Skuuber Report will detail the depth and breadth of alternatives and show you your most promising priorities. 

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