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Launch Better Products.

Launch Products Better.

Know the market for your product ideas

Since there is no SAT score for products ideas, we've invented a process that delivers one. It's called a Skuuber Score™. Now it's easy to see if your product ideas are ready for the big time or not.

You'll discover your sales potential and how to reach it. You'll find your best consumers and channels. You'll know how to price.  You'll know what  to say.

This is concept testing for a new decade.  Read more>

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Why you should care

Most marketers vastly underestimate the market potential for their products.  They decide on target markets too soon and ignore all others.  They focus on a single channel strategy without knowing often better options.  They price too low and discount too often.  In short, they leave millions of dollars in lost opportunities on the table. Read more >

What you should do

Launch a Skuuber market analysis for your items at the SKU level, where it counts. 

A lot can happen between testing a high-level  concept and launching an actual SKU once real-world, go-to-market considerations come into play.  Your high-level concept will either over-promise or under-promise the eventual outcome.  Either way it's not realistic or predictive unless detailed as an execution at the SKU level.

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No one makes, sells, distributes or buys ethereal concepts. They engage with SKUs throughout the value chain.  And the translation from concept to SKU, for better or worse, is what matters. Skuuber keeps it real and relevant.   Read more >

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It is a process you can initiate and control entirely yourself, or do so with our assistance, as you prefer.



As a web application, Skubber market analysis is conducted in a small fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of big-box consumer reseach firms without sacrifice of the efficacy of result.

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You'll soon discover the speed, ease and affordabiliy of conducting the kind of marketing due diligence you need to ensure success made possible only with Skuuber.


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What people are saying:

"Skuuber's the best thing to happen to consumer market research since the question"

" I wish this was around before we lost $1 million on a failed new product launch"

"I need more than just a survey and now I've found it"

"Even my tiny marketing research budget can afford this"

"Now I can go into a category review with confidence"

"Removes a lot of guesswork when we launch a product"

"Like a Nielsen BASES I can actually afford"

"NPD made last!"